I love stories and I love data. I like to combine data and storytelling to educate others and help them solve their difficult problems. My fondness for stories started when my uncle would babysit my sisters and me. He would always tell us entertaining stories that also had moral lessons. My fondness for data grew out of my interest in math and science.

One of the ways I am channeling my passion for story telling and data is as a product manager at ZipRecruiter, where I lead the Monetization and Sales Enablement team. I've been fortunate to experience different careers and companies prior to joining ZipRecruiter. I have combined data and storytelling as a product manager and data scientist at Microsoft, a consultant at the management consultancy Boston Consulting Group, and a senior analyst at the financial & economic litigation consultancy Cornerstone Research. Along the way, I also picked up metaphors I like to use in my story telling from the various regions of the world I worked. I have worked on five continents — Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Australia.

My educational background is integral to how I learned to collect and analyze data. I attended MIT and hold two Bachelor's degrees - one in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and another in Finance - and a Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. I also hold an MBA from Stanford. Beyond those degrees, I have a diverse set of experiences. My primary education started in Nigeria. I studied abroad for a year in England at Cambridge University. I have conducted projects in conjunction with universities in Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda and Australia on technology.